Beaman Honolulu, Hawaii

Three Dudes. One Hero.

Recorded at the geneva room.
engineered and mixed by Joey Green.

Babes, Bongs, Booze.
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Track Name: Eggs in a Basket
Gotta move, Gotta make a lot of moves cos I can't just sit still here
Made mistakes, now I gotta break away before I end up getting' killed here
You can put all your eggs in a basket, sure enough somebody's gonna crack it.

You can try, you can really really try to pretend it never happened
You can cry Niagara Falls outta yer eyes but it still won't take it back, man
Cos you put all your eggs in a basket. There's no stopping once somebody finally cracks it
Track Name: Good Intentions
Good intentions can only take you so far.
When there's an error for things to start off right but then you'll just fall apart, I know.
I know you've been looking for someplace else and you're not playing the hand your dealt.
So enjoy your new life, and I'm fine with watching you pass me by.
Track Name: Hold these beers. I gotta Drive
The months at an end. The rent's short again.
I'm flat broke with nothing to show.
While some Dick on TV with less talent than me
is renting out three of his homes.

And No, I just can't win
Again and again it's the same thing
Brainwashed by the mainstream
And No, I won't give in
Into the show

So much to drink, but I still think that I've got full control of my brain
Cos I manage to eat, throughout the week.
Pockets heavy and filled up with change.
But, I'm getting tired. Stressed bout' getting fired for under ten dollars an hour.
When life gives you lemons and you're without sugar your face will be left looking sour

Your dream is a fat joke. Built up to burn in record time.
We'll all be laughing while you're waiting in the back at the end of the Punch Line.
And if you decide you're sick of living on your knees wiping cum out your eyes
You may begin to see the light and gain a little perspective.

Then maybe you'll see, that your American Idols are as real to me
as the Easter Bunny fucking Mrs. Claus outside in an Orgy.
Then maybe you'll see, that your American Idols are as real to me
as a Tooth Fairy going broke, as a Grumpy Cat getting stoked or me winning first place on your favorite singing show.
Track Name: Morgan Beaman
Went to North Shore, Grave Sides to skate
They said ya gotta pay to participate!
Reached in my pocket, shit outta luck
I came so far man, WHAT THE FUCK?!

I came so far dude, I'm shit outta luck
Track Name: CHURF
Track Name: Poor Chucky
You run your mouth when no one else can see you
Thats when you show everyone who you really are
Your friends may as well be robots because they are

You claim you're not following a trend
well thank god cos it would all end
If everyone had the same excuse not to be cool
we'd all be fools,
We'd all be doomed.

Who are you and where did you come from?
Track Name: Muff Diver
So here we are again. Stuck in this limbo wasting our time and I'm running out of my mind keeping it all inside.
We pick fights like date nights come too far and few.
and I don't know what to do.

So welcome back to the show. The fans have voted and wadda ya know.
I guess it's my turn to go but don't act too surprised.
Sometimes your arbitrary unnecessarily sad and I can't help but feel bad.

I've asked if you wanted to go out but instead I stay to hear you shout
You left me with ringing ears.

You yell that you don't wanna talk and then you turn around and walk
I just stand there for them to watch, now we're the topic to discuss
Track Name: Learn The Hardaway (Who Got That Good D?!)
Once again I'm last selected
Sleeves are off they're ineffective
I got dumped and then rejected
Double dribbles get neglected


Track Name: Butt Satan

He never makes a sound, When he comes around.
Next thing you know your pants are laying on the ground
He'll leave a little note, just asking for a poke
but if you tell him nope he'll wrap his tail around your throat

He hates being neglected, always disrespected
Not into clothing so he's always naked
He's a booty detective, Always erected
and he don't give a fuck about who's affected


He always makes a pass, perving out in class
Your butts a swimming pool and Butt Satan's gonna make a splash
He don't discriminate, whether its plump or flat
Butt Satans gonna smash you like a baseball bat
Track Name: Community Service
I don't wanna go to Community service
The people over there keep making me nervous
I'm about to stop showing up on purpose
Oh god Dammit, I probably deserve this!
Track Name: Quarter Head
They shot the apple, right off his head
The new gun is a big success, that's what they said
But we never heard, from phil again til
We saw a friend who, said phil was dead, dude

Now I'm twenty-five and I can see
What it is they really want.

They want us dead! They're all your enemy!
They hate us for no reason! They live in jealousy!
Let's make the world a little more like the USA!
Then we can build more factories and we can have more stuff for sale

Now I'm Twenty-Five and I can see
Just how bad they need us not to think
Follow what's mapped out for you it's gonna help
Mold you into everyone else

Track Name: 711 (Cyco Miko get's his Pepsi)
America, Land of the free fake synthetic chili cheese
But there's none here left for me!
Spent two bucks on a quarter pound of beef.
I don't want this hot dog meat unless it's extra bad for me!
I wanna clog my arteries! I need my fucking chili cheese!
Track Name: Like A Ceiling
I hear you calling but I'm not answering.
This bottles the only company that I need tonight
I don't now why I bother, cos it wouldn't matter
You know it's over